God Has a Plan for You

God has a plan for your life.” You’ve heard this over and over again, I’m sure. And the story that follows will convince you that it’s true.

3 trees were selected for being chopped and made into something. The smallest one was unhappy that it was made into a little wooden crib. The middle one unhappy because it was made into a boat. And the biggest one was unhappy as they made a wooden cross from it. Then one day the baby Jesus was put into that wooden crib. He grew up and sat in the boat and went about “fishing” for the Apostles and giving sermons from it. And as you probably know, he later carried the wooden Cross and was nailed to it. The Cross became the means of Man’s Salvation.

Never be upset with what you have or what you are. God takes you as you are and shapes you into something that may look useless or ordinary, but will do great things when His time comes. Allow Jesus to do great things through you! God promises “those who dwell under his shadow,” that:

“They shall be revived like grain,
And grow like the vine,
Their scent shall be like the wine (fresh grape juice) of Lebanon.” (Hosea 14:7)

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