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Sunday Service: Diary of My Learning

Sunday services are like battery recharges in mobile phones. In order to effectively communicate with God, the world, as well as with ourselves through the week ahead, we need to replenish our spiritual strength by going to church every Sunday.

My pastor has always stressed on the importance of carrying a Bible, a notebook and a pen or pencil to service. Public memory is short, and I too am a member of the public! A pen will serve me (and you) in good stead. It has, so far. And I am pleased to compile my learning into easily digestible capsules in the form of blog posts here. I will organise my posts in a way that packs in just enough to sustain your interest yet does not leave you feeling hungry. But don’t you not feel hungry for more – of the Word of God! Keep the fire in your belly burning for the Lord. That is the fire that has – at least in my case – kept the kitchen fire burning. Jehovah Jireh is the Provider. Praise Him!

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